Fulbright Malaysia Program

Fulbright Malaysia Program

Fulbright Scholar-In-Residence Program

  • Award Duration
    10 months
  • Announcement Of Application
    Open - January 1, 2023 Close - February 23, 2023

The Fulbright Program is the flagship international educational exchange program sponsored by the U.S. government and is designed to increase mutual understanding between the people of the United States and the people of other countries.


  • Through the Fulbright Scholar-in-Residence Program, U.S. colleges and universities collaborate with scholars from other countries to assist in internationalizing U.S. campuses, curriculum, and communities.
  • Fulbright S-I-Rs teach primarily on the undergraduate level in their areas of expertise and provide a cross-cultural or international perspective to promote curriculum and program development.
  • Their activities typically enhance the institution’s international/global studies programs, interdisciplinary course/program offerings and broaden international cooperation.
  • In addition, Fulbright S-I-Rs are expected to engage in on-campus and community activities in various ways throughout the program’s duration. S-I-R grants are for either one semester or an academic year.


Candidates are sought for awards at U.S. institutions of higher learning to:

  • Teach courses from a comparative or international perspective,
  • Serve as a resource person in interdisciplinary courses or professional programs,
  • Participate in special seminars or colloquia that will benefit from the scholar’s perspective, and
  • Assist in developing new courses or programs, or in upgrading existing course materials.

In addition, candidates for S-I-R awards must be prepared to fulfill campus and community engagement activities.

Examples include:

  • Serving as a resource for faculty and students in various ways
  • Participating in campus and community life
  • Speaking at civic, professional, and cultural organizations and schools
  • Engaging with local media

Fulbright S-I-R candidates must meet the following requirements:

  • Must be able to lecture fluently in English
  • Minimal or no prior experience living in the United States
  • Credentials to perform the program and activities described in an institution’s proposal
  • Preference will be given to

a) Scholars who have not had opportunities to teach, study or conduct research in the United States for an extended period within the past five years.

b) Individuals who have not previously been Fulbright grantees.

Award Benefit

Fulbright S-I-R candidates are eligible for the following:-

  • A stipend ranging from $2,850 to $3,700 per month (depending on grant geographic location),
  • One-time allowances for materials ($250), settling-in expenses ($500 – $750), professional development ($750 – $1,125), and S-I-R supplemental allowance ($1,500 – $3,000) depending on grant length,
  • A monthly dependent allowance; $200 per month for one qualifying dependent and $350 per month for two or more qualifying dependents (note that qualifying dependents include spouses and unmarried children under the age of 21 who accompany the scholar for at least 80% of the time in the United States),
  • Round-trip international airfare for the S-I-R and one qualifying dependent (note that the grant must be for a full academic year and the dependent must accompany the scholar for at least 80% of the time in the United States),
  • Accident and sickness health benefits for the S-I-R (scholars must purchase J-Visa compliant insurance for all accompanying dependents),
  • J-Visa sponsorship for the Scholar and accompanying spouse and unmarried children under the age of 21,
  • In addition, many host institutions offer cost-sharing benefits (a salary supplement and/or other accommodations, which vary widely according to the resources available at the institutions).
Project Details

For the academic year FY2023-2024, there are two U.S. institutions that would like to host a ScholarYou may select one of the institutions that best fit your area of interest. Please refer to the following information and attached are the institutional proposals.


  • Name of U.S. Host Institution: Northampton County Area Community College
  • Institution Type: Community College
  • Program Length: 10 months
  • Discipline: Computer Science
  • Specialization: Computer Science, Cybersecurity, Information Security
  • Program Start: September 2023

Northampton County Area Community College_Institutional Proposal


  • Name of U.S. Host Institution: San Jose State University
  • Institution Type: Hispanic Serving Institution
  • Program Length: 4 months
  • Discipline: Education
  • Specialization: Assessment, Testing & Evaluation
  • Program Start: August 2023

San Jose State University_Institutional Proposal

Application Procedure

Click here for the online application.

The following materials comprise a complete application:

  • Completed the online application form
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Letters of references (three are required, including one from your home institution/employer stating that you will be eligible to receive a leave of absence if selected)


This program seeks applicants whose writing achieves the highest academic standards of original research, writing, and citation. Application materials will be processed using software to help identify any instances of plagiarism. Plagiarism in any part of your application will result in your disqualification from participating in the program.


Plagiarism will be understood to include any of the following:

Presenting wording, statistics, or concepts as your own which should be attributed to someone else or publications (online or offline). This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Copying the exact wording of a written source
  • Presenting material with alterations in wording
  • Paraphrasing the content of a source without citation

It is expected that your application will be your work and writing, with a clear citation of secondary sources if describing the academic work and writing of others (including one’s own previously published work). Any sources used in the construction of your responses must be cited.


Please note that the interview is tentatively scheduled for the end of February 2023 and only shortlisted candidates will be called for an interview. For inquiries, please email Karen or Kalis at fulbrightmalaysia@macee.org.my  or contact us at 03-21668878.