Together We Are Unstoppable September 9, 2023 University College Sabah Foundation (USCF) Hall

Together We Are Unstoppable September 9, 2023 University College Sabah Foundation (USCF) Hall

Together We Are Unstoppable
Showcasing the achievements of Sabahan Fulbright Alumni (2013-2023)
September 9, 2023
University College Sabah Foundation (USCF) Hall

It is truly delightful to learn about the extraordinary and prestigious event that has been meticulously planned to commemorate the 60th anniversary of MACEE (Malaysian-American Commission on Educational Exchange), masterminded by the Sabahan alumni. The decision to launch an eBook as part of this celebration is a testament to the forward-thinking approach taken to mark this significant milestone. Collaborating with UCSF (University College Sabah Foundation) further elevates the event’s prestige.

The involvement of the Sabah Chief Minister and other esteemed officials, along with the inclusion of his special message within the eBook, unequivocally underscores the importance and recognition of MACEE’s enduring contributions and achievements over the years. This unique amalgamation of elements promises to create an unforgettable and profoundly meaningful celebration, setting it apart from other state-led events.

The event boasts a total of eight exhibition booths, showcasing organizations such as MACEE, UCSF, SIA, ATI, KTYS, PPD, JPN, and NGO EvoWorld. Each of these entities adds their own distinct flavor to the occasion.

The eBook, undoubtedly, serves as a digital archive or a compilation of stories, experiences, and accomplishments of MACEE and its Sabahan alumni. It offers a valuable resource for those intrigued by the organization’s rich history and its profound impact on education and cultural exchange. This innovative and easily accessible medium enables us to meticulously document and share this remarkable history.

All in all, this event emerges as a splendid way to honor the six decades of MACEE’s invaluable contributions and to celebrate the outstanding achievements of its alumni. It also stands as an exemplary demonstration of how modern technology can be harnessed to commemorate momentous milestones while actively involving key figures and partners in the process.

Special Acknowledgement to the Committee Members

  • DK Emas Rudziah Pg Mohammad
  • Auzellea Kristin Mohizim
  • Yap Mei Ching @ Carol
  • Anuthra Srisena
  • Elsie Sharon Giluk
  • Stella Veronica Bulugu
  • Christy Kong Siew Choo
  • Adelyn Chin
  • Dalvinder Kaur Maan
  • Azmie Bin Trip
  • Alton Wong Xian Rong
  • Loww Chee Hui @ Eden