MACEE@60: February Conference

MACEE@60: February Conference

This event was the first of many activities celebrating the 60th anniversary of the binational agreement between Malaysia and the United States. MACEE was established as an independent body in 1963 through a binational agreement signed between Malaysia and the United States to promote educational exchange and diplomacy between these two great nations. MACEE was one of only 49 Fulbright Commissions around the world.

Venue: Dewan Za’aba Conference Hall at the Ministry of Higher Education in Putrajaya Presint 5, 62200 Putrajaya.

Who Attended:

Conference Goals:

For 60 years MACEE has, amongst other things facilitated the U.S. and Malaysia’s Premiere academic exchange program, the “Fulbright”. The Fulbright program is world renowned for producing and enriching some of the best minds in their respective field, and the program in Malaysia is no different.

MACEE has awarded and facilitated over 1,000 Malaysian grantees as well as facilitated more than 2,000 American grantees to Malaysia for the purposes of academic partnership and advancement.

Since the program’s global interception in 1946, over 400,000 Fulbright grants have been awarded to participants from 160 countries. On a yearly basis, over 8,000 grants are earned worldwide. The selection process is highly competitive.

In its 76-year history, the Fulbright boasts some impressive alumni:

Fulbright Program benefits for students and faculty:

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