Empowering Excellence Through Fulbright: Insights and Opportunities May 23, 2023 UiTM Pulau Pinang

Empowering Excellence Through Fulbright: Insights and Opportunities May 23, 2023 UiTM Pulau Pinang

Empowering Excellence Through Fulbright: Insights and Opportunities
May 25, 2023 Universiti Teknologi MARA Pulau Pinang

In a remarkable event that underscored the global reach of education and the power of cross-cultural collaboration, Universiti Teknologi MARA Penang branch (UiTMCPP) orchestrated a thought-provoking Fulbright Alumni State-led Engagement Talk on May 25, 2023. The event, conducted in a hybrid mode, bore witness to the convergence of brilliant minds and inspiring stories, all centered around the theme of “Empowering Excellence Through Fulbright: Insights and Opportunities.” The driving force behind this engaging discourse was none other than the distinguished program director, Madam Aileen Farida Mohd Adam of UiTMCPP.

Kicking off the proceedings with fervor, Mr. Curtis Johnson, the Executive Director of the Malaysian American Commission on Educational Exchange (MACEE), shared an invigorating opening speech. His words resonated with the attendees, as he passionately encouraged all prospective candidates to delve into the transformative benefits—both on an educational and personal level—of participating in such distinguished programs. Mr. Johnson’s advocacy for seizing the manifold opportunities offered by the Fulbright programs set a vibrant tone for the discussions that followed.

Associate Professor Chemist Dr. Lee Hooi Ling, a recipient of Fulbright US-ASEAN Visiting Scholar program 2022 at the University of New Mexico, shared feature numerous aspects of her experiences working as a researcher in the States including her visit to places of interest, discovery of a new and challenging learning environment and the collaborations sought post-program

Hervinder Kaur, a finalist of the Global Undergraduate Exchange Program (Global UGRAD) in 2022, eloquently shared her insightful perspectives on the cultural and educational contrasts between Malaysia and the United States. She recounted her transformative semester abroad, replete with eye-opening experiences and poignant lessons in global interconnectedness.

A journey through time and culture was unveiled by Aileen Farida Mohd Adam, a recipient of the Fulbright Foreign Language Teaching Assistant program in 2009-2010. With heartfelt candor, she regaled the audience with her memories of being a Malay language teacher at Northern Illinois University. Her narrative painted a vivid picture of transcending boundaries, as she served not only as an educator but also as a cultural ambassador in a foreign land.

Former admin director of the Southeast Asia Youth Leadership Program (SEAYLP) from 2014 to 2018, Maria Nihei, shared a compelling account of the program’s profound impact. She artfully depicted the myriad benefits and ripple effects that participants can glean from such initiatives, emphasizing the enduring value of fostering youth leadership through international engagement.

The Fulbright engagement journey reached its zenith with Professor Dr. Melissa Lenczewski’s illuminating discourse. As a recipient of the Fulbright US-ASEAN Visiting Scholar Scholarship in 2023, she delved into her ongoing research endeavors centered around Southeast Asia’s water quality. Her narrative was as much about academic pursuits as it was about nurturing collaboration, as she underscored the profound significance of training ASEAN researchers in the realm of water quality.

The Fulbright Alumni State-led Engagement Talk proved to be a resounding success, captivating the hearts and minds of more than 400 participants. This dynamic event was a catalyst for attendees to embark on new educational and professional journeys, enriched by the insights and connections gained through global exposure. 

For those who missed this extraordinary gathering of minds, the transformative discussions can be revisited through the UiTM Cawangan Pulau Pinang Youtube Channel: Watch the Fulbright Engagement Talk. Experience the narratives, insights, and wisdom shared by Fulbright alumni as they inspire excellence and foster international camaraderie.

Special Acknowledgement to the Committee Members

  • Ms. Aileen Farida Mohd Adam
  • Dr. Mohd Suhaimi Bin Sulaiman
  • Dr. Salina Binti Alias
  • Dr. Nur Husna Serip Mohamad
  • Dr. Nur Ilianis Adnan
  • Dr. Zuraida Mohamad
  • Ms. Zuraisah Dollah
  • Mr. Zamri
  • Ms. Aimi
  • Mohamad Sarih Daud
  • Nor Nasir Md Amin
  • Ts. Dr. Suhailah
  • Mohamed Noor
  • Mr. Azri bin Hashim
  • Mr. Ahmad Zaky Bad Rahim
  • Ms. Marni Jamil
  • Ts. Dr. Mohd Ikmal
  • Fazlan bin Rozli@Rosli
  • Mr.Usamah Md Ridzuan
  • Ms. Seng Hui Zanne
  • Mr. Muhammad Aiman b. Abdul Halim
  • Ms. Nur Wanira Binti Mohd Basri