Nurul Faznur Mohamad Husaini

I see education in a new perspective now as we were taught how much impact we could give to our students and at the same time help to prepare these leaders for the next generations in the right path. During the program, there was a lot of emphasis on being a global citizen. We attended two classes related to it during the academic session. We were also given the chance to participate in a special project at CSU Chico called the “International Forum.” Every week people who contributed or worked in education through international projects would give presentations and it was a special project for us to present as well because we gathered all the data from our different home countries to talk about the challenges and potential solutions of teaching during a pandemic in an effort to create a useful resource for teachers from around the world to use as reference. The Fulbright program allows us to be involved in the big community of educational exchange connecting us with alumni from around the globe. My colleagues, the international teachers, have started planning collaborations for leveraging our network in future projects as well as encouraging our teachers and students in our home countries to apply to the Fulbright and actively engage in global citizenship.”