If you need assistance with certification of educational documents, please email arul@macee.org.my and provide a brief summary of what you need certified. A MACEE representative will respond to you with more information.

MACEE provides endorsement for the following educational documents:
♦ U.S. Certificates from Colleges and Universities

The U.S. certificates from colleges and universities MUST BE FIRST verified by National Student Clearing House at www.studentclearinghouse.org or the school / college / university. MACEE will certify only after above verification has been obtained from National Student Clearing House.

Be advised that the ORIGINAL educational document / certificate is required for the certification of true copy. Transcripts from other institutes / colleges can be translated by the respective institute / college. Malaysian schools would be able to issue their own translated report cards.

MACEE DOES NOT certify or authenticate any civil documents (e.g., birth, marriage, death certificates) or any documents issued by government authorities in Malaysia or the U.S. (e.g., driving licenses).

For further information on authentication of above document, please check the following website:

  1. The consular division at the Malaysian Ministry of Foreign Affairs –  www.kln.gov.my
  2. Government of Malaysia and the Attorney General’s Chambers for list of Notaries Public – www.agc.gov.my


Charges are as follows:

Certification / Verification / Attesting charges:

  • RM50 per copy (U.S. certificates from colleges and universities)

You are advised to email arul@macee.org.my to schedule an appointment and payment information will be notified.