Undergraduate Information

Undergraduate Action Plan

Follow these steps to assist you in your selection and acceptance to a university or college in the U.S.

  • Step 1 – Choose a Field of Study
    If you are interested in a specific major, research that major. Learn everything about it that you can – special areas in the major, courses conducted, jobs involved – are they many, or few, If you have not decided on a major you can still enroll in a university. You must declare a major by your third year.


  • Step 2 – Make a Short List of Schools
    1. Make a list of 5 – 7 universities and colleges that fit your criteria according to your financial ability and academic ability.
    2. From this list determine the competitive level of the institutions.
    3. Does the Malaysian government recognize the schools even though they are accredited in the United States?
    4. Can you meet the application deadline? Each university/college has an application deadline. All documents, transcripts, test scores; recommendations and extra curricular activity list must be sent to the school by the deadline.


  • Step 3 – Take Required Standardized Test
    Take the appropriate tests that is listed on the university admissions website.


  • Step 4 – Request Application Materials and Catalogs
    Investigate schools on short list
    Apply directly on line on the school website or download the application


  • Step 5 – Send in Application
    Transcripts from SPM/STPM must be translated into English
    Forecasted results
    College transcripts must be original from the college and not photocopies
    Syllabus information for credit transfer
    Send financial information
    Apply for financial aid, scholarships, loans
    Enclose application fee in bank draft in US dollars (non-refundable)


  • Step 6 – Receive Responses From Universities
    Decide which school you will accept
    Send acceptance letter to school of choice by the deadline given
    Send deposit required


  • Step 7 – Apply for Visa
    Talk with an adviser about the visa process
    I-20 document needed from university or college
    Financial / affidavit of support documents needed
    Make travel arrangements
    Come for Pre-Departure Orientation at MACEE