Postgraduate action plan

These are steps that we would encourage you to take when it comes to applying to the U.S for graduate studies.

Graduate programs in U.S universities differ tremendously in contexts and focus.

Most graduate degrees (Master’s and PhD’s) include coursework and research. Only a few like MBA are not research based.

Generally, programs are very specialized in the graduate level. It is important to know the research focus of departments at each university where applications will be sent.

Step 1- Research Your Options

You are encouraged to define your educational, personal and career objectives when it comes to trying to identify a specific program for your graduate program. You can also look for universities that matches your criteria. Some of the factors that you can go about are: cost, financial aid availability, location, program size and type of institutions

Research for university here

How to Begin Your Search for graduate programs

  1. Study university and department websites. Graduate schools set a general requirement and application, but the department usually makes the important decision on whether the applicant will be accepted into the program.
  2. Find the experts review publications, books and articles that you have read in your classes to identify authors whose writings you find interesting. Are these authors’ university professors?
  3. Talk to professors from your undergraduate university and professionals. Which U.S universities that they recommend? Or which American professor that is well known in their field
  4. After completing steps A- C, prepare an introductory email to send to the department you plan on applying to.


Step 2-Finance your studies

Research and see if financial aid is provided by the university or the department that you plan on applying to. You should also find out more about the teaching and research assistantships that are offered by your program. There are external grants that you can apply in order to fund your postgraduate education in the US.

 Step 3- Complete your application

Check the program and university admissions requirements and application deadline. You will be doing your application online.

These are application requirements for postgraduate studies in the US.


Standardized test scores (TOEFL/GRE/GMAT)

Online application

Statement of Purpose

Letter of recommendation


Step 4- Apply for Student Visa

Upon receiving acceptance from the U.S University, you will be receiving the I-20 document. You would have to complete the DS-160 application online, pay SEVIS and visa application fee and attend an interview at the U.S embassy.

Step 5- Prepare for Your Departure

Attend an EducationUSA Pre-Departure Orientation before leaving to the U.S.

For more information regarding the graduate application process, feel free to click here