In conjunction with MACEE’s celebration of the success of the 2016 Fulbright ETA Program on October 31st, 2016, we have published BALIK KAMPUNG: Memories of Fulbright ETAs in Malaysia. This is a collection of stories detailing the intriguing, peculiar, exciting and heartwarming stories of what it means to be immersed in the Malaysian culture for a year. The stories are decorated by poetry and artwork contributed by former ETAs throughout 2006-2016.

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MACEE would like to thank:

Our contributors
Stephanie Wong, Poonam Daryani, Julia Berryman, Joanne Chern, Alizeh Ahmad, Kendall Hack, Farrah El-Khatib, Owen Cortner, Bryan Cronan, Dan Jones, Lesa Sexton, Steven Maheshwary, Andrew Taylor, James Greisler, Elizabeth DeMeo, Andrew Zinn, John Millock, Zack London, Leslie Willis, Gina Ciliberto, Erin D’Amelio, Jamie Thomas, Amanda Wolkin, Andrew Peters, Lauren Wederich, Heather Ayvazian, Rose Metting & Olivia Werby.

Editorial Board
James Coffman, Raymond Chew, Aisha Hadlock, and Rebecca Tweedie.

Assistant Editors
Alix Finnegan, Drew Hasson and Marcy Herr

Special thanks to our former Fulbright ETA from 2014, Jaclyn Reyes for her artistic talent and her sleepless nights in trying to make this book perfect.