Fulbright Alumni Association of Malaysia was formed in 1998. The nascent Alumni was first mooted on April 12th 1996 and formally registered in mid-1997. It seeks to galvanise the vast and varied interests of the Malaysian and U.S. Fulbright community in furtherance of the famed Fulbright vision…

The essence of the intercultural education is the acquisition of empathy, the ability to see the world as the others see it, and to allow for the possibility that others may see it more accurately…”
J. William Fulbright

The main purpose of the Association is to function as a forum to exchange the opinion and to strengthen social and professional relationship among the members of the Association towards the development of J. William Fulbright professionalism and individualism of all members.

Apart from that, the Association also hopes to:

  1. Plan, arrange and carry out projects, activities or programs on community development and to enable members of the Association to contribute knowledge, expertise and experiences in particular fields related to the community at large.
  2. Plan and arrange relationships between the Association and agencies, institutions and other individuals in order to ease the members of the Association to contribute knowledge, expertise, and experiences of their particular field, for the development of the community.
  3. To create and strengthen relationships between the Association and agencies of the Fulbright Program organizer in the United States and other Alumni Associations around the world for the development of professionalism and sociality of the Association members.
  4. To set up and manage trust fund from time to time to sponsor and deal with certain projects as contribution to the development of community.