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Undergraduate Scholarships

Seeking Funding to complete an undergraduate or Bachelor’s degree in the USA?

  1. Financial Aid is the broad term describing various types of funding for studying in the USA.
  2. Financial aid includes scholarships, grants, loans and work study.
  3. Scholarships and grants do not have to be paid back.
  4. Work study means paid jobs on campus
  5. Loans must be paid back after graduation.

The major source of financial aid for undergraduate study in the USA will come directly from colleges or universities in the USA,and will be partial. Full scholarships are very rare.

When visiting the websites of American colleges and universities, click the Financial Aid/Scholarship Tab to find funding you may be eligible to receive.

You can also check private companies and other agencies (e.g.; Rotary Club) for scholarships.

Apply for the following through MACEE to help fund study in the USA:

  1. AMCHAM-MACEE Scholarship:
    Description : Partial Scholarship over a four-year period.
    Eligibility : Malaysian citizens completing the entire 4-year undergraduate degree in the USA.
    This scholarship is open to qualified Malaysian students who are accepted to an accredited university in the United States for four years of study culminating in a Bachelors degree. The student must be accepted for the Fall semester. The application opens April 1, 2015 and the deadline is May 11, 2015.


Scholarship available for Malaysian citizens enrolled in local universities:

Study for one semester or one year in the USA
Global Undergraduate Exchange Program